Thank you very much for making these delicious oils! We are so happy also with your tender care of the earth.
Estella & Jim G., Portland, OR

We just tried our olio nuovo straight out of the bottle. It is amazing- -bright, peppery, lively, green and absolutely no question that it is from the new harvest.
Patricia K., Los Angeles, CA

Your passion for organic EVOO is deeply appreciated, not only from the delicious taste/sensory experience perspective, but for its amazing health benefits as well!
Ginger D.,Longmont, CO

This last order included the Lambrusco Vinegar which is superior to any I have tasted!! A crystal clear taste which has a signature kick of sweetness- -absolutely delightful.
Helen P., Port Jervis, N.Y.

Over the years, I have developed a relationship with an award-winning California organic olive oil company, called Fandango. For the record, I do not have a financial or family relationship with Fandango. Fandango, for example, still hand-harvests, and then they go directly into a mobile olive mill. This means the mill comes to the olives where they are harvested. So, instead of the olives sitting for hours or days before entering a mill off-site, the milling starts immediately. I prefer small farms, such as Fandango, that care for the olive from seed to seal.
Dr. John, Longmont, CO

We are grateful for your offering of these delicious and nutritious offerings made with love.
Roxanne G., Monroe, LA

We love to share your wonderful olive oils & vinegars with our guests when they visit the prairie. Thank YOU!!!
Sue H., Cannon Falls, MN

The garden is doing well and we had enough fresh basil to mix with tomatoes and garlic & “Fiesta” with a dash of the Hickory Balsamic for the bruschetta. Great combination!
Keith H., Wilson, NC

Love your olive oil!
Elyse R., Highland Beach, FL

We do enjoy your oil. We’re glad, so glad it’s organic.
Tamara H., Ashland, OH

I did notice & appreciate very much that the oil was just bottled; that’s one of the many reasons I like your products.
Anthony G., Oakland, CA

Continuing to enjoy this delicious olive oil.
Sherry B., Noble, IL

Bought your Pomegranate Balsamic at Sculpterra. Needed more!
Jaime H., Allston, MA

We certainly enjoy your olive oil and vinegar.
Paul L., Boulder, CO