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Growers/Producers: Jerry & Carolyn Shaffer
Location: Paso Robles, CA
Phone: 805.238.4456

Artisan Olive Oils for your Table

Our Mission Statement

  • To continue producing high quality award winning organic olive oils.
  • To continue sharing our belief that small family farms can make a difference, one harvest at a time.
  • We will do this by farming organically and working in harmony with nature, respecting our soil and the environment.

About Our Olives

We use only estate grown olives for Fandango Olive Oil. As artisan producers, we thoughtfully chose two varietals for their flavors and desirable attributes. Arbequina , a Spanish olive, was selected for its fruitiness, sweetness, big aroma, and early ripening tendencies. We chose Koroneiki, a Greek olive, for its robust, peppery and fruit flavors, high polyphenol content and flavor complexity when blended with Arbequina.